How to Do a Sewer Line Inspection

  • The safety and hygiene of the space you live in cannot be compromised. The structural integrity of the home not only affects your life but also that of the people you care about. Proper disposal of waste and especially human waste is significant. Despite running your sewerage system without any kremlins, it needs to be inspected once in a while to ascertain that it is still safe for human habitation.  
    Clogging, braking or leaking drain pipes are a health hazard. It may look tempting to fix a leaking pipe on your own. However, a personal DIY project may end up damaging the whole system. Thus, you need a professional plumber to check the system. It is estimated that yearly there are about 400,000 sewer disruptions in America. Sewer maintenance may seem like a mundane task, but it is a risk aversion procedure.   

    Importance of sewer line inspection

    Sewer line inspection is critical because it saves you money that would have otherwise been used in replacing the whole faulty system. Sewer maintenance may be neglected because the lines are out of site and in case any damage happens you will only notice it after the problem has culminated into disastrous levels. Sewer line maintenance is helpful in preventing the escalation of minor issues into full-blown repair jobs. Having a cosmetic repair job is hazardous as they only treat the symptoms but not the real disease. You need to undertake a full-scale repair  

    Checking older homes or purchasing a new one

    For older homes, or when purchasing new homes, it is especially important to have the inspection done by a professional who will do a whole system check and give a comprehensive report of the status of the lines. Sewer Repair in Ramsey NJ, Video inspections can provide views of the pipes so that you can see if there are cracks, separation, tree roots, pipe collapse, and even defects in the sewer line that might be caused by the city sewer lines. If you are buying a new home, this information could be quite pivotal in determining the purchasing price, or if you want to buy the house at all.

    The sewerage inspection technology

    Sewer line inspection has come of age. It is an entirely digitized process.  The use of laser technology has expedited the work and has made sure that even the microscopic fissures in the pipes are detected, and preventive measures are taken. Gone are the days when burly men used to flood your living room to check the pipes. There is no physical entry into the sewers, and therefore it no longer means a pungent smell in your living quarters.

    The hand of nature

    Nowadays, a plumber in Ridgewood NJ can use specialized snake cameras to traverse the lengths of the pipes and determine their conditions. This method comes strongly suggested especially in neighborhoods with a lot of trees. tree roots can be the reason for many pipe breakages and thus being able to see precisely what spot is affected reduces the resources to be used to repair the line.


    Do not let your sewer line fall into a state of neglect. Sewer Repair in Ramsey NJ will help you stay on top of issues and even when in doubt, contact a plumber in Ridgewood NJ immediately because the fee you will pay for the inspection is not commensurate to the cost of repairing a damaged sewer line. It is vital that you have the pipe checked at least once a year to maintain your home in top condition.