Thesis statement for you

  • Thesis statement is a single sentence that helps tie together the main idea of an argument.  This statement gives a summary of your topic and tells your readers your standpoint. Through this single sentence a reader can decide whether to read or not to read your essay. 

    Thesis statement can be found in a lawyer’s argument essay writer, a debate speech, advertisement, essay and on compare/contrast statement. Without a thesis statement your argument will remain flat and unfocused. A strong thesis will help you create a strong argument.

    Tips and techniques for writing a thesis statement

    • Determine the type of paper you are writing. Is it analytical, expository or argumentative paper?

    vArgumentative paper aims at convincing the audience therefore your opinion or interpretation must be justified with specific evidence.

    vAnalytical paper introduces an idea, breaks down the idea into constituents, evaluates the idea then presents the evaluation to the audience.

    vExpository paper is the same as an explanatory paper.  The student is required to investigate an idea, evaluate the evidence, and expound on the idea then set an argument concerning the idea in a clear and concise manner. An expository prompt will always use words “explain” or “define.”

    • Write your thesis statement at the first paragraph of your paper.
    • The thesis statement must be specific. Should cover the idea to be discussed in the paper and supported with specific evidence.
    • In case you decide to change your topic, remember to also change your thesis statement to reflect what you have discussed in the paper.

    There are two major categories of thesis statements



    Informative thesis is meant for informative essays. A strong informative thesis can restate the topic and give direction.

    Given a topic: Making A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Your thesis statement can sound like: To make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, gather the ingredients, find a knife, and spread the contents.

    Persuasive thesis carries an opinion and the reason why you think your opinion is true. Compare/contrast, narrative and argumentative essays have persuasive thesis statements.

    A strong persuasive thesis states your opinion gives your stance and reason.

    Example: Beef sandwiches are the best because they are easy to make and moreover tastes good. 

    Basic styles of thesis statements

    vListing two or more points

    Used in brief essays which have a maximum of three body paragraphs mainly called five-paragraph essay. (Middle and high school assignments)

    vListing one overarching point

    Good for longer essays because it is more versatile and all the body paragraphs can tie into. (College and university assignments).

    Templates to help you create a strong argumentative thesis

    i)                _____________ is true because of ____________, ____________ and _____________.

    ii)              _______________ is true because of _______________________.